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Business CDs

Put your money to work for you with a Business CD.

We offer a variety of CD terms so whether you are looking for a long term certificate or a shorter time frame, we have a CD to fit.

Let your money work for you with a Community First Bank Business CD! Certificate of Deposit investments are available to any type of business entity. Get more out of your accumulated funds by committing to a specific fixed term at a fixed interest rate. In exchange for keeping your money on deposit for a set period of time, Community First Bank pays a higher rate of interest than on accounts from which money can be drawn on at any time. The purchaser of a Certificate of Deposit can choose how they want interest to be paid: by check, transferred to another account within the bank, or added to the face amount of the Certificate of Deposit. CD owners will receive a notice prior to the maturity of their account.  Certificates will be automatically renewed at maturity for the same length as the previous term unless other action is taken by the owner within the designated timeframe. A substantial penalty is charged for early withdrawal.

Please call one of our customer service representatives for other terms that are not presented on our website or to hear about our current specials.


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