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Fee Schedule

Account Research/Reconciliation per hour
Charge-Back Fee
Account Printout $1.00
Special Cut-Off Statement with Checks $5.00
Telephone Transfers $2.00
Outgoing Wire $10.00
Incoming Wire $10.00
Stop Payment Orders (per item per 6 month term) $20.00
Returned Item Fee $30.00
Daily Overdraft Charge (per business day) $4.00
Bank Proof Correction $2.00
Checking Account Early Closing Fee (or abandoned within 90 days after opening) $50.00
Account Closing Fee $39.00
Money Orders $1.00
Cashier's Checks
Cashier's Checks (non-customer with check drawn on us)
Currency Processing (per strap)
Rolled Coin Processing (per roll sold)
Zipper Bag (locking)
Zipper Bag (non-locking)
Collection Item Incoming/Outgoing
Counter Checks (per check)
Photocopies (per check)
Currency Gift Envelopes - Customer (per envelope - after 2 free)
ATM/Debit Card Next Day Expedited Replacement Card
ATM/Debit Card Two Day Expedited Replacement Card
Garnishment/Levy Processing (per service)
Subpoenas for Bank Records (per hour)
Subpoenas for Bank Records (per copy)
Check Cashing Fee (for non-customers with checks drawn on us)
ATM/Debit Card Replacement Fee
NSF Fee (Personal)
NSF Fee (Business)
Coin Processing
2.00% of the amount of coin received
A NSF/OD fee may be charged due to a check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or a withdrawal by other electronic means.